On-board IDE

Think of the on-board IDE as a live editor. You can interactively run Python and transfer data through CodeBug Connect’s on-board IDE. You access through a web browser so you need to be able to access CodeBug Connect over your local network, or connect directly to CodeBug Connect’s access point. See Joining an existing WiFi Network for more details.

The IDE consists of a file viewer, file editor and console.

File Viewer

Use the file viewer to explore what is stored on your CodeBug Connect, or perform file operations such as creating new files or directories. Click on a file, e.g. boot.py, to open it in the Text Editor.

Text Editor

Use the text editor to update your python programs. For now, due to space constraints you cannot update block programs without using the full www.codebug.org.uk website.


The console allows you to run Python interactively and also see the results of programs. Why not try typing the following in it:

import cbc
cbc.display.scroll_text("hello me!")


print("hello world")