CodeBug Connect has 1Mb of file storage which is accessible to your programs and via the On-board IDE over the network or as a USB disk Connecting to CodeBug Connect


You are largely free to organise your files as you wish. However, CodeBug Connect makes use of the following files and directories:

  • projects contains separate folder for each project that was deployed from the CodeBug website.

  • first file that is run at boot. May be auto updated to run a project in the projects folder. See Boot process

  • wifi.cfg contains list of WiFi access points. Passwords are extracted and not shown on subsequent boots. See Joining an existing WiFi Network

  • config.json contains boot settings. See Boot process

  • adoption_key.dat file downloaded from CodeBug website used to claim ownership and associate CodeBug Connect with user’s account. See Remote Deployment

  • owner.txt created as a result of successful adoption. Contains username of account on that has ownership

  • web_error.log Created when webserver generates error. Typically this may be created when a connection is interrupted part way through. Can largely be ignored.